Ask any savvy marketer and most will tell you that when it comes to building and maintaining your customer base, it is a lot easier to keep customers than it is to win new ones. If the past several months are any indication, this lesson hasn’t been lost
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Back in 2011, Penny Bailey and Lynn Kazpernik, of Wellington Square United Church in Burlington, were given the daunting task of organizing
Ministry In Motion, an annual  leadership conference to help equip United Church leaders throughout Ontario with ways to spread the word of God and better serve their parishioners. One of the constants at these highly attended events has been catering from
Leave It To Us! –-
and this year’s event, held October 20-21 and attended by more than 100 church officials, was no exception.

“For the past five years, we have worked with
Leave It To Us! to provide breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks during our conference,” says Penny. “Each year, we survey our attendees with the intent to make our event even better -– and every year, the feedback about the food from Leave It To Us! has been unanimously positive. We can’t say enough positive things about Sue’s team -– we’re already looking forward to working with them for year six!”

At the
City of Burlington, 
Leave It To Us! has been a popular supplier of catered foods since 2010 for a wide range of special events. And the past couple of months have been busy: in early November, Leave It To Us! provided hot and cold appetizers and desserts for an evening to thank volunteer members of Burlington’s boards and committees, among them the Burlington Cycling Committee, Burlington Sustainable Development and Heritage Burlington, which provides advice on issues related to the preservation of the city’s cultural heritage.

And in December,
Leave It To Us! was again called upon to provide a full fare for holiday luncheons on consecutive Wednesdays for more than 600 city workers.

“This year, we decided to adopt the Ugly Christmas Sweater as a theme for our get-togethers,” says Jen Knight, Community Services Division and City Manager’s Office for the City of Burlington. “We turned to Sue for suggestions on how to get people involved, and she came up with the idea to use icing sugar to create ‘ugly sweaters’ on gingerbread man-shaped shortbreads. People really got into it.

“We’ve had Sue and her team on deck for the past couple of years to cater our annual holiday season open houses. Just like last year,
Leave It To Us! executed to perfection. I don’t hesitate to say a good time was had by all!”

The month of November also saw
Canon Canada’s regional sales office in Hamilton
host its annual customer-appreciation event, and once again, it turned to Leave It To Us!
to take care of all the details.

“When we put on an event back in May to showcase our new scanners, printers, copiers and fax machines, we used
Leave It To Us! to plan and cater it,” said Julie Anelli, General & Environmental Co-Ordinator at Canon Canada Inc.’s Hamilton office. “That positive experience left us no doubt which caterer we were going to use to help us organize our year-end customer-appreciation event this year. Once again, Sue and her team didn’t disappoint –- they met, and exceeded, our expectations.”

And while
Leave It To Us! continues to build its relationships with its established customers, those customers continue to help spread the word and introduce new clients. One is  HCR Personnel Inc., a Mississauga-based employment agency that specializes in providing staff for companies in the automotive industry.   

“When we decided to host a holiday party for our staff in early December, we remembered the terrific food we had at a private party hosted by friends of ours,” says Peter Raback, Founder and President of HCR. “It turned out that the caterer was
Leave It To Us! –- they came very highly recommended, so we were quite happy to be able to ‘leave it to them’. They took care of all the details and theming, and the food was out of this world!”

In addition to corporate events,
Leave It To Us! continues to provide catering services for memorial gatherings and celebration of life receptions as well as a wide range of private functions. To learn more, check out the rest of our Web site.

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